Richest Evening Tournament Series Ever!

Starts Tuesday, March 16, 2021

Fishing Hours 6pm - 9:30pm

Evening Team Tournament Series


paid out in the evening tournament series with a 30 boat average per event

Example of pay out with 30 boats:

Heavy Stringer: 1st Place $625, 2nd Place $270, 3rd Place $210, 4th Place $180,

5th Place $140, 6th Place $90, 7th Place $60, Big Bass $135

Super bass accumulates at each lake until a qualifying bass is caught.


Qualify for the 2021 RAD-Rides Victory Fishing Events

Grand Championship!

First Place Guaranteed to be at least


Regardless the number of entries!

October 23rd & 24th, 2021

To qualify for the 2021 RAD-Rides Victory Fishing Events Grand Championship, finish in the top 50% YTD point standings in one of our 2021 Series -OR- Accumulate 100 points fishing multiple Victory Fishing Events Series tournaments during the 2021 season.

Contact us for more information.


pays one place per five entries & big bass


an increasing reward that pays on a qualifying bass


100% Bonus Payout-Pays to highest finishing teams with optional entry

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Official 2021 Evening Team
Tournament Series Rules

Win 1st Place

With 60 boats entered…

1st Place Stringer: $1000
Catch Big Bass: $230

Total Win $1230!

Win 2nd Place

With 60 boats entered…

2nd Place Stringer: $400
Catch Big Bass: $230

Total Win $630!

Additional Paid Places

With 60 boats entered…

3rd Place: $330.00
4th Place: $270.00
5th Place: $230.00
6th Place: $190.00
7th Place: $170.00
8th Place: $150.00
9th Place: $120.00
10th Place: $100.00
11th Place: $85.00
12th Place: $75.00
13th Place: $60.00