Lake Tawakoni 9/26/19

We had eight boats on September 26, 2019 at Lake Tawakoni for the final Thursday evening tournament of 2019.


Tonight's Winners:


1st place: Billy Burton/Will Fitzgerald with 16.19lbs. $310 (Total win: $310+$354 2nd SB=$664!)


2nd place: Brandon McMillan/Tanner McMillan with 13.31lbs. $85


3rd place: Jared West/Randy Spence with 10.30lbs. Owner Hook Package


Big Bass: Bill Sims/Kevin Palin with 4.97lbs. $50 (Total win: $50+$590 1st SB=$640!)


At this final 2019 tournament the remaining Super Bass funds were split 50% to the biggest Bass, 30% to second largest, and 20% to third largest Bass caught during this event to the qualified winners.


1st place Super Bass: Bill Sims/Kevin Palin with 4.97lbs. $590


2nd place Super Bass: Billy Burton/Will Fitzgerald with 4.50lbs. $354


3rd place Super Bass: Gary Cooper/Jeff Pitrucha with 3.73lbs. $236


Congrats to the second round of Championship qualifiers from the Thursday Evening Team Tournament Series on Lake Tawakoni.

Anglers of the year: Billy Burton/Will Fitzgearld

Qualifiers: Billy Burton, Will Fitzgerald, Brandon McMillan, Gary Cooper, Jeff Pitrucha, Kevin Palin, Bill Sims, Daniel Barrick, Tanner McMillan, David Baumann, Warren Sprague, Levi Baumann, Cody Jenkins, Randy Spence, Jared West, Matt Sprague, James King Jr., Michael Cobb, Tyler Dyess, Druce Day, Andy Coffman, Rusty Mcilveene, Steve Staggs, Cody Jarvis, Wayne Cotten, Colton Satterwhite, Brandon Seery, Casey Nation, Jon Hudgens, John Adair Jr., Thomas Holbrook, Jason Hadley, Brandon Sprague, Bill Nichols, Andrew Nichols, Lonnie Coats, Rusty White, Austin Barrick, Mike Holbrook, Kevin Scott, Pitney Bramhill, Lane Martin, Danny Magee, Joey Eaves, John Adair Sr., Jacob Johnston, Les Magee, Matt Stroud, Trenton Treat, & Colton Kirk.


No one was able to claim the Nitro rewards, Atlas Awards, Phoenix Tier Two Rewards, or the Skeeter real money!


Ardent Challenge test driver: Participant

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