Ray Hubbard 8/27/19

We had twenty boats on August 27, 2019 at Ray Hubbard Lake for the Tuesday evening tournament. Where it pays to drive a Ford!


Tonight's Winners:


1st place: Miller Weedn/Chris Robinson with 15.67lbs. $470 Ford (Total win:$470+$500 Prestige Ford Bonus=$970!)


2nd place: Keith Taylor with 13.81lbs. $210


3rd place: Bill Sims/Daniel Barrick with 9.95lbs. $160


4th place: Todd Goodrich/Mike Price with 9.88lbs. $120 (Total win:$120+$100BB=$220)


5th place tie: Randy Conover/Russell Roland with 9.35lbs. $60


6th place Tie:

Steven McClendon/Donnie Herod with 8.38lbs. Owner Hook Package

Doug Rener/Danny Weems with 8.38lbs. Owner Hook Package


Big Bass: Todd Goodrich/Mike Price with 7.43lbs. $100


  No one caught a Super Bass and the $1280 pot rolls over to next week.


No one was able to claim the Nitro rewards, Atlas Awards, Phoenix Tier Two Rewards, or the Skeeter real money!


Ardent Challenge test driver: Participant

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