Joe Pool 4/03/19

We had sixteen boats on April 3, 2019 at Joe Pool Lake for the Wednesday evening tournament.

Being a slot lake the stringer weight consist of four bass 14" and under. A bass 21" and over can be weighed for Big Bass and the Super Bass payout!

The payout is skewed slightly from our typical payout. Resulting from individual entries and a $5 hold back per boat to be paid out at the mid season additional pay event on 6/23/19


Tonight's Winners:


1st place: Brett Berryhill/Cody Boyle with 4.05lbs. $310

(Total win:$310+$70=$380!)


2nd place: Joey Chao/Josh Brooks with 3.04lbs. $140


3rd place: Bob Scott/Blake Slater with 2.44lbs. $80


4th place: Kelvin Hogg with 2.42lbs. $50


5th Place: Andy Starnes/Patrick Lewallen with 2.04lbs. Owner Hook Package/Illustrious Action Baits


Big Bass: Brett Berryhill/Cody Boyle with 7.77lbs. $70


No one caught a Super Bass and the pot rolls over to next week


No one was able to claim the Nitro rewards, Atlas Awards, Phoenix Tier Two Rewards, or the Skeeter real money!


Ardent Challenge test driver: Participant


More info at:

JP 40319 P1JP 40319 P2JP 40319 P3JP 40319 P4JP 40319 P5JP 40319 P6JP 40319 P7JP 40319 RESJP 40419 YTD