Lake Tawakoni 3/14/19

We had ten boats on March 14, 2019 at Lake Tawakoni for the first Thursday evening tournament of 2019


Tonight's Winners:


1st place: Warren Sprague/Matt Sprague with 12.81lbs. $350

(Total win:$350+$50=$400!)


2nd place: David Baumann/Levi Baumann with 12.35lbs. $100


3rd place: Daniel Barrick/Jon Hudgens with 8.32lbs. $60


4th place: Billy Barton/Will Fitzgerald with 6.82lbs. Owner Hook Package & Illustrious Action Baits


Big Bass: Warren Sprague/Matt Sprague with 4.66lbs. $50


No one caught a Super Bass and the pot rolls over to next week


Ardent Challenge test driver: Participant


More info at:

TAW 31419 P1TAW 31419 P2TAW 31419 P3TAW 31419 P4TAW 31419 P5TAW 31419 P6TAW 31419 P7