Lake Fork 8/7/21


We had nineteen boats on August 7, 2021 in the Planet Ford 635 Saturday Evening Team Tournament on Lake Fork at Lake Fork Marina.




Tonight’s winners:




1st place: Aaron VonRosenberg/Curtis Daniels with 11.08lbs. $1000 (Total win: $610+$260SP+$200=$1070!)




2nd place: Lee Hammer/Steve Terry with 8.31lbs. $350




3rd place: Hunter Smith/Gregory Allen with 8.30lbs. $230




4th place: Bill Babb/Mitch York with 7.25lbs. $130




5th place: Jay Fletchall/Jerry Watson with 6.78lbs. Owner Hook Package




Big Bass: Curtis Daniels/Aaron VonRosenberg with 2.52lbs. $200




No one caught a Super Bass and the $1810 pot rolls over to the next tournament on August 21, 2021.




Ardent test driver: participant

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