Lavon 7/01/21


We had nine boats on July 1, 2021 at Lavon Lake out of the Lavonia South Ramp for the Weekly Thursday Evening Tournament.




Tonight's winners:




1st place: Kellen Worley/Daniel Hesley with 10.92lbs. $350 (Total win:$350+$120SP+$50BB=$520!)




2nd place: Greg Jarman/Dewey Leggett with 7.54lbs. $100




3rd place: Shane Watkins/Brenton Watkins with 3.88lbs Owner Hook Package.                                                               .


Big Bass: Kellen Worley/Daniel Helsley with 5.55lbs. $50




No one caught a Super Bass and the pot rolls over to the next Lavon Evening Tournament on July 8, 2021.




We have a 100% Payout Bonus side pot and you must enter the side pot to be eligible! We have instances where the winner did not get into the side pot. You must be in it to win it!




Ardent Challenge test driver: Participant

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