Joe Pool 5/19/21


We had nineteen boats on May 19, 2021 at Joe Pool Lake out of Lynn Creek Marina for the Wednesday Evening Team Bass Tournament.

Being a slot lake the stringer weight consist of four bass 14" and under. A bass 21" and over can be weighed for Big Bass and the Super Bass Payout. The payout is skewed slightly from our typical payout. Resulting from individual entries and a $5 hold back per boat to be paid back at the end of season additional pay qualifier event.

1st place: Sammy Baze/Steve Baze with 4.10lbs. $350 (Total win:$350+$200SP=$550!)

2nd place: Chris Williams/Robert Moreno with 3.74lbs. $180

3rd place: Trent Newman/Ryan Peschel with 3.73lbs. $120

4th place: Ralph Pleasant/Wilma Hughes with 3.38lbs. $95

5th place: Jeff Roper/Tim Walker with 3.28lbs. Owner Hook Package

Big Bass: Ralph Pleasant/Wilma Hughes with 8.10lbs. $80

A Super Bass was caught but the team that caught it did not get into the optional entry and the pot rolls over at the next Joe Pool Evening Tournament on May 26, 2021.

We have a 100% Payout Bonus side pot and you must enter the side pot to be eligible! We have instances where the winner did not get into the side pot. You must be in it to win

Ardent Challenge test driver: Participant

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