“King of the Evening Series” Championship Results

The 2016 Victory Fishing Events

“King of the Evening Series”

Championship Tournament

Was held on Lake Texoma at Highport Marina November 12, 2016

The qualified teams in attendance were

blessed with over a 1,000% payout!

Victory Fishing Events paid out more than 10 times the entries fees collected!

Cash & Merchandise $10,515.00

Banquet give away Cash & Merchandise $2,100.00

Banquet Room & Dinner $1,386.00

Total Championship Value $14,001.00

The Kings of the Evening Series:

1st Place: Mark Biondi Sr./Mark Biondi Jr. with 13.52lbs. $2,430.00 Cash & Merchandise

2nd Place: John Silberbauer/Amy Silberbauer with 13.05lbs. $1,680.00 Cash & Merchandise

3rd Place: Ricky Phillips/Justin Shelton with 13.02lbs. $1,205.00 Cash & Merchandise

4th Place: Wendell Moon/Michael Justus with 12.98lbs. $1,000.00 Cash & Merchandise

5th Place: Kelley Mauldin/Kristine Williams with 12.90lbs. $900.00 Merchandise

6th Place: David Speakman/Lucas Barrientes with 11.14lbs. $800.00 Merchandise

7th Place: Matt Finnall/Chris Ondrusek with 10.64lbs. $600.00 Merchandise

8th Place: Billy Cline/Kevin Lain with 9.89lbs. $500.00 Merchandise

Big Bass: John Silberbauer/Amy Silberbauer with 4.90lbs. $1,400.00 Cash & Merchandise


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  • I have known Larry for many years. I have fished the Tuesday Night Working Man’s Tournament on Lake Ray Hubbard, of which he created and has been Tournament director. He runs a reliable and ethical tournament and I am looking forward to fishing in his new events.
    Keith “Doc” Taylor
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