2018 Victory Fishing Events Championship

The 2018 Victory Fishing Events Championship Team Bass Tournament was at Lake Lavon on November 3, 2018. The lake is 9.54 feet above normal pool and had windy conditions all day. 

Today’s Winners:

1st. Place: Pete Brandt/Scotty Taylor with 9.95lbs.

$6,003 cash & prizes. 

(Total win $6,003+$850=$6853!)

2nd. Place: Tony Bevelo/Steve Bevelo with 8.71lbs.

$1,732 cash and prizes.

3rd Place: Austin Klores/Blake Walker with 8.43lbs.

$1,352 cash and prizes.

4th Place:Daniel Barrick/Jon Hudgens with 8.19lbs.

$1,225 cash and prizes.

5th Place: Joey Benne/David Brown with 6.10lbs.

$1,242.00 cash & prizes.

6th Place: Joey Chao/Josh Brooks with 5.45lbs.

$1,197.00 Cash & prizes.

7th Place: Todd Goodrich/Mike Price with 5.44lbs.

$1,144.00 Owner Hook Package 

Big Bass: Pete Brandt/Scottie Taylor with 6.15lbs.

$850 cash & prizes.

2018 Series wrap up:

Angler of the year:

Tuesday evening series on Ray Hubbard: Steven McClendon/Donnie Herod

Angler of the year:

Tuesday evening series on Eagle Mountain: Joey Benne/David Brown

Angler of the year:

Wednesday evening series on Joe Pool: Joey Chao/Josh Brooks

Angler of the year:

Thursday evening series on Tawakoni: Warren Sprague

Angler of the year:

Thursday evening series on Cedar Creek: Jay Reedy/Ronnie Halbert.

Angler of the year:

Thursday evening series on Eagle Mountain: Jacob Parker 

Angler of the year:

Prestige Ford series on Lake Fork: Wendell Moon/Michael Justus 

All you can eat outdoor cookout!

Award ceremony

Door Prize Drawings:

$2000 in prizes 

End of year drawing for a trip to the world famous big bass factory Lake Comedero for 4 days of fishing with Ron Speed Jr’s Adventures:

Winners: Gerald Barbour/Steven Freeman

$21,135 in cash and prizes paid out at our 2018 championship.

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  • I have known Larry for many years. I have fished the Tuesday Night Working Man’s Tournament on Lake Ray Hubbard, of which he created and has been Tournament director. He runs a reliable and ethical tournament and I am looking forward to fishing in his new events.
    Keith “Doc” Taylor
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