East Of Dallas Fall Series Ray Hubbard 11/07/21


We had twenty six boats on November 7, 2021 at Ray Hubbard Lake for the East of Dallas Fall Series Tournament.


Today’s winners:


1st place: Brett Killingsworth/Doug Rener with 20.43lbs. $970 (Total win:$970+$880Side Pot=$1850



2nd place: Adam Vesely/Taylor Gauntt with 19.40lbs. $560 (Total win:$560+$300BB=$860)



3rd place: Mike Burch/Cody Mason with 16.71lbs. $500



4th place: Chadd Dearen/Keith Taylor with 15.38lbs. $360



5th place: Wess Davis/Chris Robinson with 13.90lbs. $250



6th place: Keith McMillan/Josh Priest with 13.45lbs. $150



7th place: Ben Burns/Ian Nash with 13.35lbs. Owner Hook & Jaw Tec Package



Big Bass: Adam Vesely/Taylor Gauntt with 8.80lbs.$300


Next East of Dallas Fall Series Tournament will be on 11/28/21 at Lake Tawakoni out of the Two Mile Bridge West Ramp.


Excerpt From Series Rules: Only one sub per team in a tournament for the series and the designated series team cannot have a sub at the championship.

The designated team: Jay Petty & Justin Mecord used their sub at Ray Hubbard: Jay Petty/Colt Benedict

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  • I have known Larry for many years. I have fished the Tuesday Night Working Man’s Tournament on Lake Ray Hubbard, of which he created and has been Tournament director. He runs a reliable and ethical tournament and I am looking forward to fishing in his new events.
    Keith “Doc” Taylor
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