Official 2021 Grand Championship Tournament Rules

The following rules will remain in effect for the 2021 Championship Tournament. Interpretation of the rules will be defined and enforced exclusively by the Tournament Director. Each participant agrees to immediately report any and all rule violations to the Tournament Director. A rule violation can result in sanctions deemed appropriate by the Tournament Director including to but not limited to disqualifications, forfeiture of prizes, and prohibition from participation in any and or all Victory Fishing Events. Decisions of the Tournament Director are final in all matters and are not subject to appeal, and are not reviewable in any court of law. Victory Fishing Events reserves the right to make needed changes to these rules to ensure the safety and welfare of the participants and or the public, also to preserve the integrity of Victory Fishing Events. It is the responsibility of every participant to read and understand the rules. All participants will be required to sign an affidavit that the rules have been read, understood, and that the participant/team accepts all the rules. The Tournament Director reserves the right to place an observer in the boat of any participant at any time. 

Participation is open to 2021 Championship Qualifiers only. Victory Fishing Events reserves the right to refuse membership and participation for any reason in any and all events to any team or person at the discretion of the Tournament Director. 

All participants must have a valid State Fishing License and must obey all Federal, State, and Lake specific regulations.   

A team will consist of one or two participant anglers only. Each participant must have accumulated 100 points or finished in the top 50% points standings in the Victory Fishing Events 2021 Series of: Quick Lane Series, NAPA of Wylie Series, Randall Reed Series, King's Marine Series, Ray Hubbard Evening Series, Texoma Evening Series, Joe Pool Evening Series, Lewisville Evening Series, Tawakoni Evening Series, Lavon Evening Series, and Lake Fork Evening Series.

The AOY participants that accumulate the most points of the year in each of the Victory Fishing Events Evening Team Tournament Series during the 2021 season will receive a free team entry award into the Championship Tournament. One AOY participant from each Evening Series will receive this award. (The Weekend Daytime Series tournaments have AOY entry rewards for their specific series championships but not in the Grand Championship) Participants can fish in multiple lake series events to meet the championship qualifying point requirements, but the free entry awards will be based on points accumulated in one 2021 evening series. A participant must accumulate 100 points during the 2021 season to qualify for the Championship Tournament -OR- finish in the top 50% point’s standings on a specific 2021 Victory Fishing Events Tournament Series.

Running lights must be illuminated until safe light. All ties will be broken by adding places and splitting equally. 

Participants must be qualified, register, and pay the cash entry fee prior to fishing in this Championship Tournament. The entry fee will be $200 per team! 

Participants asked to submit to truth verification testing must take the polygraph test when asked and pass the test to qualify for cash & prizes. 






You can trailer to the ramp of your choice and leave ramp no earlier than 5:00am.


Start Fishing at: 7:00am


Stop Fishing at: 2:30pm


Must be in weigh-in line by 4:00pm.


Tournament fishing hours are from a safe light start until your designated arrival time, unless otherwise specified for the Championship tournament. Each Team must check in by the time listed on their drawn boat flight number card. (The first flight arrival time will be 2:00pm) The official check in station will be at or near the weigh in trailer! You must arrive on time. No exceptions. At least one Team Participant must enter the weigh-in line with their catch. Weigh-in will continue until all contestants in line have been weighed. If no one is in the official weigh in line and it is 20 minutes past the last check in time the scales will be closed. New weigh in cards will be issued for day 2 and start order will be reversed.


Teams may weigh-in only 5 fish. One of the five fish can be weighed for the Big Bass prize. A boat used during the Tournament must be equipped with a properly aerated live well. Do not enter weigh-in line with more than five fish. A team can only bring five fish to the weigh-in line. All fish will be measured on an official Check It Stick measuring board on its side with its mouth closed; the tail fin will be squeezed together and or turned in a way to obtain the maximum overall length as described in the 2021-2022 Texas Parks and Wildlife Outdoor Annual Hunting and fishing Regulations. 

  • This is a catch and release tournament. The use of Sure Life catch and release formulas are recommended. All live fish will be released into the catch and release trailer or back into the lake. All participants must do everything they can to preserve the resource. 
  • Participants are not allowed to in any way to alter the length of a fish. 
  • Any fish turned in for weigh-in will be examined by any means necessary to deem any presented fish as unaltered. 
  • Fish must be brought to weigh-in a tournament weigh-in bag. (You can use your own bag or one of ours) 
  • We are very conservative minded and ask that you do everything possible to preserve the resource and a one pound penalty will be assessed for any dead fish. Also to include a penalty of one pound for a dead big Bass entry. 
  • On Richland Chambers Lake: Black Bass, Kentucky Spotted Bass, and Smallmouth Bass only qualify for weigh-in. 
  • All Bass must be at least 14 inches in length to qualify for weigh-in. 

No alcoholic beverages or illegal drugs will be allowed during the tournament. Participants must be of sound mind and not be under the influence of alcohol or illegal drugs immediately prior to or during the tournament. The use of alcoholic beverages is restricted on the final day during weigh in and are not to be consumed at the tournament site until all polygraphs are given and place positions calculated. We will maintain a family friendly environment. Profanity, heckling, and aggressive gestures will not be tolerated and sportsmanlike conduct will be expected by every participant. 

All participants in the boat must be a team member and entered in the tournament. Participants must wear a U.S. Coast Guard approved life vest fastened and or zipped with an emergency shut off devise securely attached to the driver when the big motor is running. No trolling of lures with the big motor. Safe boating practices must be used by all participants. Any boat used in the tournament must meet all coast guard regulations, have the required safety equipment, have a rating plate, and not exceeding the established horse power rating. 

Participants must fish from their entered boat. No wading, inner tubes, or dock fishing. Do not leave boat to land a fish or to push a boat into a fishing area. Participants are required to keep both feet on the deck surface of their boat while fishing or landing a fish. A participant may leave the boat at a recognized facility to take a rest room break or to resolve an emergency situation. No fishing will be allowed until the complete team is back in the boat. If a participant leaves the boat for any reason the occurrence must be reported to the Tournament Director prior to the Award Ceremony.

Fishing is allowed only on Richland Chambers Lake. Any waters not directly connected to the lake or which are blocked by a dam or levy that is not accessible by boat is off limits. You can cast under walkways, or over cables, but do not enter restricted areas. the area around the Harbor Marina will be off limits to fishing during the tournament, the Boat slips/docks infront of the weigh-in area, and the boat check out Levy is off limits to fishing during the event. (See the Harbor Marina off limits to fishing area for details) Please be courteous to all other participants by not blocking the designated and marked drop off space at weigh-in as others will need to be able to turn their number in on time. Please drop your team partner off to turn in weigh in number and either move your boat away from the drop off dock area or pull boat out prior to weighing in. 



The use of mobile communication devices such as cell phones, marine radios, walkie-talkies, and citizen band radios to communicate fishing information during tournament hours is strictly prohibited.

No fishing within 50 feet of another entered boat. Having someone hold or sit on a hole in an attempt to allow a participant to gain an unfair advantage will not be tolerated. Be very courteous to all others on the lake. Do not cut anyone off or pass them on plane in narrow areas. 

All fish must be caught on artificial lures. No live or prepared bait except pork rinds and spray fish attractants. Participants may possess as many rod and reel set ups they deem necessary. Each Participant may only use one rod and reel at a time. A rod and reel set up must be completely reeled in with the lure out of the water before another rod and reel set up can be used to continue fishing. 

Richland Chambers Lake will be off limits to Fishing and Lake Touring starting on Monday October 18, 2021 until the start of the tournament on Saturday October 23, 2021. A team may only get on the lake with his boat no earlier than 4:00am each tournament day. Participants using an alternate launch location must immediately proceed to the registration location. If you come by water to registration you will need to stay at the Harbor Inn Marina until 5:00am before going to your fishing areas. Participants cannot start to leave the registration area to go to their fishing areas until their number is called and they drive past the start location & have their live well checked. (Have your live well open when you past the start location) The official time will be regulated by an electronic devise showing the official time in our time zone and will be available for comparison at the weigh-in site. This Championship will not have a shot gun start and contestants must idle to the take-off buoy and allow any boat near them to clear 100 feet distance before taking off. The Tournament Director may choose at any time or to allow trailering as a result of weather, COVID restrictions, or safety concerns.

Registration will be from: 5:00pm till 8:00pm on Friday afternoon October 22, 2021 and 4:30am until 7:00am on Saturday October 23, 2021 at the Harbor Marina Tournament Headquaters. Award ceremony immediately after weigh in.

Entry Form Form/disclaimer/release must be signed prior to each tournament:

I have read and fully understand the rules for the Victory Fishing Events LLC Tournament Series Events. I have voluntarily completed this application and have included my entry fees to participate. I hereby agree to be bound by and comply with all tournament, federal, & state rules and regulations. I expressly assume all risk(s) associated with each tournament event and I hereby release Victory Fishing Events, the host, all sponsors, and tournaments officials, but not limited to each of their respective employees, officers, directors, managers, members, insurers and representatives (collectively “releases”) from all claims or injury and/or damage arising out of, or related to and/or incurred in connection with a Victory Fishing Events sponsored event(s). I hereby agree to indemnify, defend, and hold harmless Releasees from and against any and all demands, claims, causes of action, (including, but not limited to, causes of action in contract, tort, strict liability or otherwise, and specifically including, but not limited to, any claim of negligence and/or fault of participation in any Victory Fishing Events sponsored event. I hereby grant Victory Fishing Events, the unconditional, royalty free, perpetual right and license to use my name, voice, and photographic likeness
in connection with Victory Fishing Events promotions, videos, television commercials, shows, and/or articles and press releases. I agree that I am not entitled to receive any royalties or any other compensation in connection with such use. I further understand and agree the tournament director reserves the right to reject my application for any reason. By signing this application I agree to submit to any truth verification testing required by Victory Fishing Events, and provided by a polygraph test selected by Victory Fishing Events, and agree with the outcome of any such testing shall be final and binding. I agree that I have sufficient health, accident, and liability insurance to cover any bodily injury or property damage incurred by myself or others as a result of my participation in any Victory Fishing Events sponsored event. If I have no such insurance, I declare that I am capable of paying for any and all such expenses or liability. I understand that I am responsible for paying all local, state, and federal taxes, title, license, and registration as a result of my participation in any Victory Fishing Events sponsored event. I agree that sole and exclusive venue for the determination of any claim or controversy arising out of or related to any Victory Fishing
Events sponsored events shall be in the State District Court, Rockwall County, Texas where the principal office of Victory Fishing Events is located. Should it become necessary for Victory Fishing Events or any Releasees to incur attorney’s fees and costs to enforce this release. I agree to pay the attorney’s fees thereby expended, or for which liability is incurred. If this is a team event, I agree that my partner participant, If absent from signing this Release, understands all statements, rules, and regulations stated above and has given me express permission to sign on his behalf. By signing this Release, I am stating that my partner participant and I both agree to these terms.

  • I have known Larry for many years. I have fished the Tuesday Night Working Man’s Tournament on Lake Ray Hubbard, of which he created and has been Tournament director. He runs a reliable and ethical tournament and I am looking forward to fishing in his new events.
    Keith “Doc” Taylor
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