Championship Announcement

The 2018 Championship will be held on Lake Lavon at Little Ridge Park

Little Ridge Park
13712 CR 489
Nevada, TX 75173

Qualify for the 2018 Victory Fishing Events

Championship that will have a


Saturday November 3rd

To qualify for the 2018 Victory Fishing Events Championship, finish in the top 50% points standing on one lake or accumulate 100 points during the 2018 season.

2018 Championship Rules (Click Here)

Congrats to the first round of 2018 Championship qualifiers from the Cedar Creek Thursday Evening Series:

AOY: Ronny Halbert/Jay Reedy

Danny Ramsey, Dewayne Thomas, Eric Garza, Dakota Pfoh, Craig Lewis, Cody Sutton, Bradley Bracey, David Brown, Johnny Watkins, Lupe Garza, Colton Sims, John Brown, Ryan Whiddon, Robby Merchant, Tyler Demay, Jeff Capehart, Gavin Van Horn, Chance Stone, Jacob Neal, Dakota Trimble, Trevor Dykena, Brian Bostick, Ricky Phillips, Garrett Thomas, Austin Thomas, Carl Tapp, & Joshua Hughs.

Congrats to the second round of 2018 Championship qualifiers from the Prestige Lake Fork Series:

AOY: Wendell Moon/Michael Justus 

Jeff Barlow, Jerry Ketcham, Keith Webb, Mark Inlow, Jay Fletchall, Jerry Watson, Steve Bevelo, Michael Michalski, Mark McCain, James Castaneda, Tony Bevelo, Jeff Farrar, Randy Parks, Lee Hammers, Mitch York, Bill Babb, Gregory Allen, Hunter Smith, Toby Lewis, Jacob Hammes, Nolan Stefka, Jeff Nelson, Leeo Loeuk, Rance Smith, John Epp, Dustin Black, Terry Noyes, Chris Robison, Joe Hammes, Robert Byrd, Ed Blackburn, Garrett Stefka, Keith Taylor, James Combs, Curtis Daniels, Mike Mason, David Bryant, Bruce Lee Adams, Chuck Vickers, Robert Alexander, Hunter Alexander, Joseph Houge, Ricky Campbell, Richard Walker, Johanathan Morale, Sean Goodson, Bill Sweeten, Rusty Russell, Sonny Russell, Steve Montgomery, Kelly Jackson, John Little, Rick Loomis, Randy Smith, Rickey Sipes, Mike Butler, Blake Biggs, Grant Cerar, Michael Nantz, Rex Lee, John Hammes, Shane Cowart.

Congrats to the third round of 2018 Championship qualifiers from the Eagle Mountain Tuesday Evening Series:

AOY: Joey Benne

Jeremy Lambert, Trent Menees, Kelley Chesney, Brandon Hollingshead, Allen Chesney, Donna Benne, Jacob Parker, Joey Martin, Chad Clark, David Brown, Austin Forrester, Ryan Reynal, Keith Bryan, Stefan Slisz, Troy Moncrief, Ryan Argo, Robert Bennett, Blake Heid, Craig Goodwin, Josh Keithley, Justin Keithley, Johanathan Little, Hunter McClendon, Nicholas Biondo, Garrett Bollom, Jason Huff, Kyle White, Brandon Leong, Samuel Clifton, Colby Bryan, Charles Fisher, Gary McNiel, Ryan Mcjrail, Travis Austin, Ryan Dusek, Chris Logue, Scott Warner, Chris Erwin, Richard Nichols, Adam Linker, Colin Nailor, Brad Dunn, Ryan Rapp, Chris Lee, Cory Elling, Johnny Hale, Shayne Dupree, Issac Villacis, Josh Fulton, Colton Gray, & Jacob Suchors.

Congrats to the fourth round of 2018 Championship qualifiers from the Joe Pool Wednesday Evening Series:

AOY: Joey Chao/Josh Brooks

Bob Scott, Kelvin Hogg, Trent Newman, Billy Mullen, Reed Foster, Ben Fallis, Brian Roussel, Blake Walker, Caleb Loyd, Robert Moreno, Chris Williams, Austin Klores, Tony Early, Joseph Gouty, Blake Slater, Cody Boyle, Lloyd Parker, Chris Freeman, Mark Biondi Sr., Kyle Starek, Sammy Baze, Joshua Hert, Phillip Prince, Kelcey Nichols, David Lemons, Barry Parker, Nathan Wolf, Mark Biondi Jr., Terry Phillips, Andy Starnes, Ralph Pleasant, Jeremy Wallis, Patrick Lewallen, Thomas Holbrook, Brady Capshaw, Darren Wood, Jordan Hansen, Byron Biondi, Clayton Wills, Doug Caldwell, Jason Greenfield, John Smith, Crystal Smyrl, Frederic Zeno, Brett Jepsen, Doug Shuck, Anthony Moreaux, Cassie Roders, Jake Foster, Darnell Ross, Dale Rabe, Kasey Bennett, Joshua Ford, Preslee Prince, Ryan Martin, Mark Brown, Larry Walker, Richard Cordell, Joe Sumner, Jessicka Sumner, & Dylan Rucker.

Congrats to the fifth round of 2018 Championship qualifiers from the Lake Tawakoni Thursday Evening Series:

AOY: Warren Sprauge

Ronnie Manning, Brandon McMillan, Druce Day, Daniel Barrick, Jon Hudgens, Michael Cobb, James King Jr., Todd Goodrich, Matt Stroud, Josh Stigall, Gerald Barbour, Kevin Scott, Will Fitzgerald, Jim McKenzie, Billy Barton, Cliff Treat, Chad Thompson, Steve Staggs, Cody Jarvis, Tyler Dyess, Stephen Freeman, John Adair, Jason Hadley, Mike Price, Keith Thompson, Jimmy Milsap, Dammon Machost, Pitney Bram Hill, Scottie Raven, Ryan Elder, James Elder, Pete Baker, Bucky Baker, Noel Perkins, Jennifer Goodrich, Clay Treat, Dustin Starr, Eric Tovar, Bennett Husssey, Mark Hanna, Brandon Murphy, Cooper Adair, Robert Case III, Robert Case Jr., Kris Scott, Jesse Perkins, & Brian Bostick.

Congrats to the sixth round of 2018 Championship qualifiers from the Eagle Mountain Thursday Evening Series:

AOY: Jacob Parker

Joey Benne, David Brown, Brandon Shumard, Ryan Argo, Joey Martin, Hunter McClendon, Johanathan Little, Alex Garza, Josh Hollis, Colin Nailor, Eric Smith, Gene Devore, Chad Clark, Kayte Schrumm, Keith Cantrell, Eric Worley, Blake Heid, Jeremy Lambert, Brandon Hollingshead, Trent Menees, Austin Forrester, Jim Cox, John Sumberaz, Steve Sumberaz, Isaac Villacis, Samantha Shumard, Tim Kisor, Spencer McBride, Eric Warley, John Summers, Brian Clark, Raydan Clark, Gary McNiel, Stefan Slisz, Matt McKinney, Samuel Clifton, Scott Warner, Chris Crago, Tyler Hollingshead, Mason Martin, Greg Thompson, Charles Bushaw, Tyler Cavett, David Mullins, & Jaron Wilson.

Qualifiers from the Ray Hubbard Tuesday Evening Series still to be determined!


Invitational Sunstate Equipment Team Bass Tournament

All anglers in good standing are invited to participate in this open charity tournament.

No membership required.

We will have a numbered start with start numbers assigned in the order of registration.

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 Sunstate Rules (click here)

Sunstate Registration Form and payment link (click here)

A horz Prst log

The 2019 Randall Reed's Prestige Ford

5th Annual Bass Master Team Tournament

will be held on Sunday April 7, 2019

at Chandlers Landing on Ray Hubbard Lake!




  • I have known Larry for many years. I have fished the Tuesday Night Working Man’s Tournament on Lake Ray Hubbard, of which he created and has been Tournament director. He runs a reliable and ethical tournament and I am looking forward to fishing in his new events.
    Keith “Doc” Taylor
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